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Runtastic Results Training App

Health & Fitness

Transform your body in 12 short weeks using only bodyweight training for home exercise. Results is your ultimate bodyweight workout trainer and strength training app for losing weight, building muscle, burning fat and boosting endurance. Your customized 12-week bodyweight training plan can be done with no equipment and is tailored to your unique fitness level – consider it your home gym. It’s like your very own home workout personal trainer. The free app, is available in 12 languages and comes with a complete nutrition guide full of valuable tips on eating a healthy diet. INSPIRATION. INSTRUCTION. TRANSFORMATION.Looking for quick & convenient exercises you can do as a home workout without any fancy gym equipment or paying top dollar a personal trainer? Lack motivation to reach your health & fitness goals? The Results app tackles both of these problems, head on! High-quality, easy-to-follow HD videos demonstrate proper execution of bodyweight exercises and provide useful tips for building strength, improving muscle tone and preventing injuries. Plus, the option to share your body-transformation results with the Runtastic Community means never training alone again.APP FEATURES & BENEFITS:* Your customized plan: 12-week personalized bodyweight training plan. Each bodyweight workout in your plan is created based on your personal fitness level to get you the best body possible. It’s your ultimate fitness trainer for your home gym – we know home exercise is super convenient for you J* Full support & motivation: The Runtastic Community is full of millions of people all over the world, just like you, who want to stay active and in shape. No matter your goal, we are all in this together! We have tons of support to share even during your home workout.* Progress Pics: Keep track of your transformation by taking Progress Pics right in your app. Keep them for yourself or share them with your friends to spread the motivation.
* Chromecast: Hello, home gym! You can now workout with your Results app on your TV!
* Health & Nutrition Guide: Get week-by-week healthy nutrition and lifestyle tips that you can implement and stick to forever. This is the best way to maximize your personal fitness and body-transformation results - no fad diets here!
* 150+ HD exercise videos: Step-by-step instructions from a fitness trainer on how to properly and safely complete each and every bodyweight exercise for each bodyweight workout in your training plan. We want you to train safe during each fitness workout!* Work out with your tablet: Use the app to do your fitness workout on your smartphone and tablet. The most convenient workout trainer! It’s like having your very own home gym.
* Standalone Workouts: Bonus strength training workouts you can do whenever and wherever you want! Why? Because we are serious about helping you transform your body and reach your personal fitness goals without the need of expensive gym equipment or a personal trainer. Each fitness workout you can do at any time!** You need to have a Premium Membership in order to gain full access to all the features and the 12-week Training Plan in the Results app. Of course, some things are free, including numerous Standalone Workouts like Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Oscar.
Make a commitment to living a fitter, healthier lifestyle and transform your body today. Download the app for free now, we want you to be our next success story! Get ready for more energy, more muscle tone, more fat burning, more confidence and boosted endurance with the Runtastic Results app, your best workout trainer for home exercise.Remember: Don’t be modest! Share the secret of your total-body transformation without the use of equipment online via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Motivate your friends to get their own 12-week bodyweight and strength training plan and see the results attainable through bodyweight exercises alone.